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Virtual Tour Photography - 17 Sept to 21 Sept 2018

High end equipment and technology is used to achieve quality results and I have 20 years of photographic experience (and a diploma in Fine Art Photography) as well as a degree in marketing/travel & tourism management.

I enjoy supporting other businesses and it would be a pleasure to do a photoshoot for you. If the above dates do not suit, it may still be possible at a future time. I'm happy to take any queries - call Michelle on 0416221266. Otherwise, all other enquires and bookings can be made by completing the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

Remember, as a promotional offer, you can book 3 x 360 degree images for $495.

Hope to see you there!

Navigate the images using the compass tool, bottom right or your trackpad/mouse/finger. You can even look at the floor and ceiling!

You can also view how these look on Google Maps. 


To give your website and social media sites an updated, contemporary feel, a suite of still images can be added to your photoshoot if desired. This can be of your property and/or surrounds.

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