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Mt Hotham

Aside from capturing sweeping beautiful landscapes from every angle and viewpoint, Shutterfly is here to service lodges, restaurants, cafes and other amenities in the Mt Hotham region.

Photographic options include:

  • Stills that can be used in numerous ways to showcase your property/business including your website, social media platforms and advertising campaigns. See stills for examples.

  • 360 degree photography used to enhance Google Business Listings and further coax traffic to websites/booking sites. See 360 degree photography for an outline of all the benefits.

Examples of 360 degree photography on the mountain

Each of these lodges were photographed in mid September 2018 and images were loaded to their Google Business Listings. To date the properties have received between 500 and 1200 views and considering it is off-season, that is really good news!

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